Watch any racing movie and what do you see; cars that can make a burnout off the line and take off once the shifter is engaged into a forward gear.  Look at a NASCAR race, what are they doing after winning the race; burnouts.  Burnouts have been a part of racing and American history for as long as we have had rear drive V8 engines that can give us the ability to perform them.  Does it make the rest of the automotive world jealous; it must because for some reason there seems to be some angst regarding the latest king of burnouts in our arsenal; the Hellcat engine.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman, if you give them 707 horsepower, the red key and they are any kind of adrenaline junkie the first thing they will do is a burnout.  This is a way to celebrate the fact that they finally have access to this awesome power and have a way to show off in something worth their time rather than the boring old family sedan that has to be driven to and from work on a daily basis.  A burnout is a celebration and whether it’s your car or one your buddy let your borrow, if you have this much power under the hood, it’s understood that a burnout is necessary.

Is a burnout bad for the car?  Of course it’s not good for the tires, but for the most part it won’t do any harm.  What is odd is the fact that anyone would scoff at our desire to do a burnout.  If we weren’t supposed to do them, why did Dodge give us all that power at such reasonable prices?  It’s sort of like a kid who emulates their favorite athlete on the field.  We see NASCAR racer doing burnouts and we see the fun the driver is having we want to emulate them and have our own bit of fun, thankfully we don’t let children drive otherwise there might never be any tread on the tires.

Burnouts are not new and not just exclusive to America, but as the country that has made so many powerful cars that are at least somewhat affordable, we get to boast, brag and have fun tearing up the road while leaving skid marks wherever we go.  We are the country of more and if that means more burnouts then bring it on.

With social media being so easy to use and many new tools that give us the ability to take full video of anything we want there are, of course, more burnouts on the internet now than there ever has been.  We can show off any way we want and this is now the chosen medium to give the world a “look at me” shot of what we are doing.  Some like to show off their cooking prowess, others their pets, some like to give us a look at odd tricks or skills they have learned but there is nothing quite as satisfying as witnessing or performing a good burnout.