We haven’t seen great success with convertible crossover SUVs on the market thus far.  The Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet was a dud and offered a strange look that you didn’t expect to see in any kind of SUV.  More recently we have seen Land Rover offering the Range Rover Evoque as a convertible with only two doors that is expected to perform better.  The sales expectations for this vehicle certainly won’t rival that of a volume seller like Nissan, but what will make Land Rover feel this is a successful venture when they have a couple years on the market with this vehicle?

Recently an artist by the name of Theophilus Chin created a rendering of what the new Cadillac XT5 may look like as a convertible.  In reality the rendering doesn’t look bad at all and leaves room for us to ask the question of whether or not Cadillac will actually create a convertible model of their new XT5 crossover SUV.  Understand that Cadillac has not even considered this as a possibility as of yet, but it could be something to consider, especially when viewing the rendering Mr. Chin created of the SUV which makes it look a lot like a small but stout four-seater to be enjoyed.

Why aren’t we seeing more of these convertible SUVs created?  In the past SUVs were large and massive vehicles that were built on truck chassis to give us more seating than we had in our pickup trucks.  Once crossover SUVs were created with a unibody design we have seen these vehicles show up in smaller sizes than ever and they have continued to get even smaller over time.  Today, compact crossover SUVs are so small they almost seem to be only slightly larger than the sedans from the same company.

With these smaller builds a two-door version of many of the compact crossover SUVs could be built and sold with a convertible top and four seats.  Can you imagine the larger models trying to sell a convertible version; it would be ugly, madness and an engineering nightmare.  The fact that a name that is highly regarded such as Land Rover has already embraced this possibility to give us a vehicle that is a convertible SUV should be a telling story when it comes to whether or not there is a place on the market for this type of vehicle.

Should Cadillac build and XT5 convertible?  There may be a time in the future where this is a viable option, but as of right now the move to this new platform of SUVs makes it a difficult choice to make.  What Cadillac should do is see how the Range Rover Evoque convertible performs before adding this to the lineup.  Currently Cadillac is on track to build two more crossover SUVs after the XT5 is on the market and this is where they should focus their efforts while watching the convertible Range Rover very closely to see if it’s going to be a success or a terrible idea.