You have been off roading many times and know the challenges of coming home with gunked up dirt all over the underside of your vehicle that can be difficult to clean.  For the most part you have chalked this up to the experience of getting to drive through mud and dirt that is up almost to the top of your tires, but you could do something to make it much easier for you to clean up this area after your day of fun.  In order to make sure you can have an easier clean up time after the fun in the mud you must first use some WD-40.

Yes, WD-40 is what you need.  This product has tons of uses and like duct tape is one of the most universally respected and used forms of lubricant we have on the market today.  The name itself can help you to understand why this product will help you with off roading as the WD stands for water displacement.  Did the lightbulb just go off in your head; it did mine when I heard and this product makes the cleaning of your 4×4 underside much easier when the fun is over.

What WD-40 will do for your fenders and the workings under your truck will be to help keep mud and water from clinging to the surfaces under your vehicle.  Not only can WD-40 make it difficult for the gunk you don’t want to take home to attach itself to your vehicle it also helps to keep the parts of your vehicle from rusting and eventually needing to be replaced.  This makes WD-40 the perfect companion for offroad enthusiast, but it has to be applied before you head out on the trails for the day and preferably when the underside of your vehicle is clean.

All you have to do is make sure you have a clean and dry vehicle before breaking out the can of WD-40.  Once you do this you can spray the fenders, fender well, undercarriage, skid plates, axles and any other metal part with the WD-40.  When you return from your adventure you will notice much less mud than before and the mud that is stuck underneath will come off in large clumps when you hose it down, making your cleaning time much shorter and easier on you and giving you an inexpensive way to keep your truck protected from rust.

The only warning I can offer with the WD-40 is it does attract dust and dirt and will leave a greasy film under your vehicle.  If this is a problem for you then use cooking spray and you should experience much the same result except the cooking spray will not protect your vehicle from rusting.  Since you probably don’t look under your vehicle often, a bit if dirt and dust shouldn’t be a problem compared to what can happen when you don’t protect the underside of your off road 4×4 vehicle.  You certainly don’t want to experience a breakage under your vehicle out on the trails because you didn’t prevent the rust that is so easy to prevent with WD-40.