With summer’s siren song drawing us all in, that can only mean one thing; road trips.  It’s the time of year when we’re all ready to hit the road, with the windows rolled down and the tunes cranked up as we pass through states in search of nothing, or even as we’re rolling down the road to visit our cousins in another city.  Either way, the season of the road trip is upon us. 

For some reason, summer takes us back to the innocence of our youth when we were trapped with our siblings in the back of the family car on the way to the beach.  No matter how much we hated being jammed into the backseat next to our stupid brother, the anticipation was palpable within the interior of the car as we got closer and closer to our destination.

Since the road trips and family vacations of our youth, things have changed a little bit.  There isn’t a car-sized plastic trash can full of cassette tapes on the bench seat in the front, everyone has their own seat belt, and there is way more to occupy our time than a rousing game of I-spy.  Whether you’ll miss the days of shoving your sister off your side of the seat, or not, the road trip was always eventful and part of your youth.  However, before you gear up for your own trip, check out the list of the top cars to get you there!

  • Honda Odyssey – A road trip list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the consummate family car; the minivan, and Honda’s is tops. It’s not only full of awesome extras like a cooler and an optional rear seat entertainment system, but it’s also got a ton of room and weighs in heavily in the comfort department.  The gas mileage isn’t bad for a car of its size, and it should keep the kids entertained enough for you to enjoy your book or favorite tracks on Spotify.
  • Ford Mustang Convertible – If it’s a classic American road trip, you’re going to need the classic American car with optional drop top to enjoy the wind in your hair. Not only can you gobble up the open road with ease, given the 305 horsepower, but you’ll still get nearly thirty miles to the gallon.  With a sick sound system, a high powered V6 engine, and enough space for four (five, if you want to push the boundaries of comfort), this car will inspire all the whimsy of the open road of your youth with a great gas mileage that your middle-aged wallet will appreciate.
  • Jeep Wrangler – If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned off-road fun, then look no further than the Jeep Wrangler. The ultimate vehicle when it comes to handling the rough and tumble roads nature offers, the Wrangler can be stripped down and made into the topless and door-free vehicle that spells out fun for that extended camping trip into the mountains or the friend’s trip to the beach while enjoying the salty sea air.
  • Ford Flex – With enough seating for seven people, Ford’s full sized crossover rocks the whole surfer car look without sacrificing the space. What you’re going to miss in gas mileage, as this vehicle is only averaging twenty combined miles per gallon, you’ll make up for in super cool features like the panoramic sunroof and optional second row captain’s chairs.  Cargo room is not going to be any kind of an issue in this car either, as it boasts enough room for full-sized adults and all their gear.
  • Hyundai Sonata Hybrid – The list would be remiss if there wasn’t a hybrid model on here. However, you can’t really consider the Prius a road trip kind of a car.  The Sonata is one of the hottest cars on the market, features a warranty that takes all the worry out of a driving trip, and the hybrid model gets up to 44 miles per gallon.  Packed with convenience and technology features, the Sonata Hybrid lives up to the hype and also gets you where you’re going in an economic fashion.

Whether you’re looking to relive the sweaty, seat-dividing road trips of your youth or you’re looking to take a trip in style, there is a car on the market made for your needs.  A road trip doesn’t have a lot to do with the car, but you need it to make it there and back, so reliability has to be top on your list.  You’ll also need money to enjoy yourself once you get there, so the gas mileage is also up there as a priority.  Once you’ve got those two things nailed down, it’s all about comfort and class.  The open road is waiting, get out there.