Very few things are as representative of the American spirit as a Jeep.  With their illustrious history as a war time vehicle, their rugged exterior, and the subculture they’ve generated, it cannot be argued that Jeep has cemented its place in the record books as a solid piece of our past, present, and future.  Whether you’re a Jeep driver, an avid fan, or even if you’ve just noticed them in your travels, Jeep vehicles are some of the most easily recognizable vehicles on the road, and their accomplishments and strides in the automotive field are noteworthy.

Less than a century ago, the men at Jeep were given a task; create a rough and tumble vehicle that could withstand the rigors of war, and possess the ability to traverse nearly any territory.  What we now call the Jeep Wrangler is the vehicle they dreamed up, and with this creation, Jeep became an important part of American history.  Over the past several years, Jeep has worked to create an array of vehicles that are an appropriate balance of aesthetics, innovation, and rugged power without losing the spirit of their very first vehicle.  Now, seventy-five years later, Jeep is celebrating their anniversary with some special editions of their iconic line up.

When you purchase a Jeep vehicle, you’re accepting the responsibility of being an adventurer, a free spirit looking to roam the countryside in search of experiences that will change your life.  Jeep vehicles aren’t your typical SUV, as the name alone is synonymous with fun, and their drivers fully embrace this mindset.  When a vehicle has the power to create an entire different cross section of culture, their influence and impact on our society must be examined, and celebrated.  What special features will allow drivers to celebrate these special editions for years to come?

The 75th anniversary edition of the vehicle that started it all, the Wrangler, is a definite throwback to the original.  It is decked out with specific features that make sure to embrace the spirit of the original Willy, while still keeping with the modern accoutrements people have come to expect from newer vehicles.  This special edition Wrangler is adorned with a special badge, noting its status, that displays the 1941 start date of the Jeep brand.  Offering bronze accents, a power dome hood, and 17-inch aluminum wheels.  Each special edition Wrangler is also offered in a variety of colors that take this vehicle back to its roots.

Jeep’s second most popular vehicle, the Grand Cherokee, is offered in two distinct models.  There is the traditional 75th anniversary edition that offers the same colors reminiscent of Jeep’s iconic past, and the signature series nameplate, but there are also plenty of modern features to keep people interested, long after the novelty of an anniversary edition has worn off.   The other model offered, the Limted 75th Anniversary Edition takes every good about the regular version, and makes it better by adding gorgeous and specially designed leather interior with heated seats and steering wheel.

Each car in Jeep’s lineup has a specific piece of their history and each has created its own following, so each one is offered in the 75th anniversary edition.  All of Jeep’s signature vehicles have been given their own 75th anniversary edition, from Compass to Patriot to Renegade.  Every vehicle’s special edition has been specifically designed and tweaked to celebrate the spirit of Jeep’s past while still fully embracing what will be the future of vehicles.  With an insignia to designate its special edition status, and an array of colors that are a celebration of Jeep’s past, each of these anniversary models are the best combination of new and old.

Many cars manufacturers have a longer history that Jeep, some may have sold more, but none have the same roots in American history that Jeep has.  This vehicle has been part of American culture for seventy-five years and has been increasingly influential over the years.  It has created an entire subculture celebrating the Jeep lifestyle by emblazoning cars with “It’s a Jeep Thing” stickers and decals.  You’d be hard pressed to find another brand of vehicles on the market that has a tenth of the following that Jeep has amassed over the years, and they deserve their time in the sun.  Happy Birthday Jeep!  Keep up the good work!