When it comes to supercars most of us are content to look at a poster on the wall or in the garage as we wish we could own something so elegant and precise but know our budgets would never allow us to afford a supercar.  Because many of those who are able to own these cars get bored with them quickly and want to move on to something else, you can actually find supercars at prices you will be able to afford so that you can have the car of your dreams at a price that won’t make you have to sell the house.

Porsche 911 Turbo – The beauty of the 911 is the fact it has been around for so long and many of them are still on the road tearing up the blacktop.  These cars become instant classics on the market to be a great car for you to drive when you want something perfectly tuned and balanced.  There is a huge selection of these models that you can find for less than $50,000 to give you a car that comes from nearly ever era of this car so that you get to drive one of the most impressive cars to ever show up on the road.

Dodge Viper – This is a car that is long and low and makes you want to drive it, but it has always been so expensive there was no way you could afford it.  Now you can find the older models of this car for less than $40,000 with the ability to put the top down and drive.  One warning, this isn’t a car for an unskilled driver so make sure you test drive before you buy this beautiful car otherwise you may be another who has crashed their Viper because it was too much car for your skills.

Lotus Esprit – IN the models that came from the 1977 era this car is one that is lightweight and offers an angular shape to give you a singular look in your neighborhood.  These older model Lotus cars were known to be a lot of fun to drive and you can find one for around $30,000.  As a supercar name that hasn’t carried the clout of others you may even be able to find newer models for a reasonable price to have the right Lotus for your driving enjoyment.

Ferraris – One of the most admired names in the world of supercars we see older model Ferraris that go for massive prices at auction each year.  The reason for this is the rarity of those cars, but if you look for some of the more common names such as the California, 348 Spyder, Mondial Cabrio or 355 you will be able to pay as little as $50,000 which will seem like a steal for these awesome cars.  If your budget is even a few thousand higher you will be able to afford some of the higher models and still have some left over for the gas to fill it up.

Aston Martins – This exotic super car brand that is known to be the brand of the most famous British agent in the movies is a brand you might think would be too exclusive to be affordable.  In the same manner as the Ferraris you can find several Aston Martin models for $50,000 or less and be able to purchase the Vantage V8s, DB7s, DB9s and even possibly a few of the models that have a V12 engine under the hood.  This makes owning an Aston Martin model affordable in the elegance and style you have always admired.

Acura NSX – The beauty of the NSX is its made from a company that will allow you to drive their vehicles for many years and put a lot of miles on them and expect the car to still deliver the performance you want to enjoy.  With that in mind you can find one that has higher mileage for $50,000 or less that are in great condition and even some at lower prices that might only need to have a few turns of the wrench to get them back to pristine condition and ready to drive on the road.

Lotus Elise – This is a supercar that has the clean lines and style that you really want to love.  As a small car that has handling as its forte the Elise is a car you will want to enjoy driving and can actually find for a good price.  The car is covered in curves which is fitting since it loves to live in the curves and when you look to the price of this car you can find yours for less than $40,000 and have a great car that is one of the most fun cars to drive on the open road.

Corvette C4 ZR-1 – This is a model you want from 1990 or beyond because it was the first year GM made this car into an actual world class supercar.  This car has always represented a more affordable version of a supercar, but even thinking about that it was never cheap.  This car can give you the speed you want to reach sixty mph in about 4.4 second while you pay only around $30,000 for this car.  This makes the Corvette one of the least expensive cars on this list and one you can certainly love to drive.

DeTomaso Pantera – This is a car from the 1970s that was one of the most admired supercars of the era and offered an Italian chassis with the look of an American muscle car engine to give you the power you want and the performance you look for.  This is a rare car so expect to pay a little more for it, but this is a car that is well worth all of the $60,000 that you will have to pay for the Pantera that was a lot of fun to admire when it was prowling the roads in its new form.

Consulier GTP – Here is a car that most everyone has never heard of.  This car was designed by Walter Mosler who is an American designer who mad this car bod from Kevlar and carbon fiber.  The car weighed in at only 2,200 pounds and was a successful racing machine that you would want to own.  There were only about 100 made, but you can see these cars on sale for as little as $50,000 from those who have decided they no longer need to hang onto this rare and impressive supercar that was once a racing champ that not only had to add weight but eventually became banned.