Unless you have no time to care for your car and expect the pay to drive through washes to do the trick you know you need to have the right items to wash and care for your car whenever you’re ready for the time it takes to get the job done right.  As spring is here and summer is fast approaching now is the time to get your car looking the way you want it to so that you can fully enjoy and appreciate the look and feel your car can have.  Here are some of the most important products for giving your car that detailed look you want.

Black Trim Restorer- There are specific products that are made to help you restore your trim to its original black look.  Over time these trim pieces tend to fad to a gray color, but the Mother’s Back to Black product will restore the color for you and allow you to have a great looking car with the trim items the color they are supposed to be.

Clay Bar – You will want to look up some how-to videos to use the clay bar properly, but this bar can pull the dirt out of your paint and give it that like new shine once again.  Be careful not to drop your clay bar, but if you do toss it and use another as these items tend to pick up debris extremely quickly and will scratch your paint after being dropped.

Detailing Spray – This product is like putting on that fresh shirt or hot dress before going out to the club at night.  When you want to show off your car with the best look it can have use Meguiar’s Ultimate Quick Detailer to give your car that freshly washed look that will impress everyone wherever you go, this stuff is easy to use and makes all the difference.

Microfiber Towels – These are the towels of choice now and have replaced cloth diapers to give your car the best look.  These towels are made to keep from scratching your paint and don’t leave lint behind either.  These are items you need lots of when you want to keep your car looking its best so buy them in bulk.

Detail Brushes – When you need to get into the nooks and crannies of your car these brushes help you get the job done right.  These are perfect for small wheel openings or other areas the need a good scrub down.  You want to have a variety of sizes of these brushes to help you reach the areas that are hard to get to.

Sheepskin Wash Mitt- Use these for washing your vehicle.  They are better than towels and allow you to apply pressure where you need to.  Not only are these great for washing your vehicle they help you to reduce scratching because they pick up most of the debris in your paint and will rinse off effectively when you change your water.

Buckets – It might sound ridiculous to include buckets, but you need to have two buckets to wash your car the right way.  You need to rinse your dirty wash mitt in one bucket that just has water in it and then reload the mitt with soapy water when the mitt has been rinsed.  This way you will get the dirt off your car and into the bucket rather than putting it back on with the mitt.