There are hundreds of blogs out there with people touting the benefits of certain car models.  There are classified ads put out there by people searching for a very specific make and model of vehicle, so it isn’t really hard to narrow down the cars people think are the best cars ever made.  What you don’t see a lot of, however, is a history lesson about the worst cars ever made.  In a culture where we enjoy worst dressed lists and will actually go see a terrible movie on purpose, why wouldn’t we want to see what people consider the worst cars ever made?

At times, we immerse ourselves in the bad.  Sometimes it lessens the burden of what we’re going through, and sometimes it is fun to try and figure out what was going through someone’s head when they decided that their outfit, movie, or book would be a good idea.  We like a harmless list where celebrities are wearing what could pass for a dust mop and labeling it couture.  We enjoy a really poorly made movie because sometimes they’re so bad that they become good.  Good cars are a dime a dozen, so let’s talk about the really bad ones.

  • The ’71 Ford Pinto – Back in the early seventies Ford put out a car that has since made history. Known for a back end that caught on fire in the event of a rear-end collision, the Pinto quickly earned a horrible reputation for being extremely dangerous.  There was nothing to protect the gas tank in the rear of the car, so even a slight collision could lead to serious injury, and we’re not talking whiplash.  Ford could’ve recalled the car immediately and fixed what needed to be reworked, but the millions in settlement money that they paid out was actually less than what it would’ve taken to fix the Pinto’s issues.
  • The DeLorean – The Back to the Future franchise made this car a thing again, until people remembered why it was terrible in the first place. Not only was it poorly made and terribly designed, but it also had the potential to trap drivers inside.  If the battery went dead in this car, the doors were unable to open.  Sure, power opening doors seem like a great idea, until you’re stuck inside until a jump comes along.  Before the days of cell phones, this vehicle had to be a disaster for people stranded alongside the road!
  • The 1971 Chevy Vega – Seems like ’71 may have been a bad year for cars considering this car was even worse than the Pinto. Not only did it overheat and blow all of the gaskets, but it was also known to have the bumper rust out and fall off just a year into ownership.  Needless to say, these little babies didn’t last long, but buyer’s remorse was a huge issue.  Some say the poor craftsmanship was caused by a dispute in the factory, but many claim the car would’ve been bad regardless.
  • The Pontiac Aztec – Sure, Breaking Bad’s Walter White made even this impractical mistake look cool, but it wasn’t. It was oddly shaped, cheaply designed on the inside, and had a weird back end.  It was also known as one of the reason’s that Pontiac closed its doors.  Not even a drug-dealing science teacher could’ve saved the reputation of this mess of a car.  Pontiac had been previously known for making pretty practical and good quality cars, and the Aztek ruined their reputation in a dramatic fashion.  Terribly hideous and an awful drive, this vehicle will go down in history as the car that ruined a good thing.
  • The Saturn Ion – Saturn enjoyed a pretty respectable stretch where their cars were not only affordable and lightweight, but also desirable. They offered an option to people that weren’t sure if they wanted to commit to buying a foreign model compact when the other American models weren’t offering anything impressive.  However, the Ion ended being a big old mess of plastic, both inside and out.  It was plastic on the outside (but supposedly dent-proof) and plastic on the inside which resulted in a cheap and poorly constructed feel.  On top of that, it sucked to drive as it never reached a good speed and sounded like it was falling apart.

While there are many other cars that have been released, one would hope by mistake, these are the top five head scratchers.  They leave people wondering if there was any sort of thought process that went into them, and kind of makes us thankful for the advances in cars lately.  That car you’re driving may not be the pinnacle of beauty and speed, but at least you can get out of it if the battery dies.