Everyone knows the definition of fun; it’s kind of a given, and we all know that fun is a relative term.  It’s different for everyone.  No two people have the exact same definition of fun.  While we may agree on specific activities, each person has their own way to amplify it to make it more fun for them, personally.  Since fun can mean such different things for different people, when a car manufacturer says a car is fun to drive, what does that mean?

There are many cars on the market that are applauded for their handling, their fuel economy, and their style.  These, by the numbers, approaches to car buying are easy to put your finger on.  For people looking for dynamic styling, such a quality can be seen.  Handling can be felt, and fuel economy can be recognized by lack of time spent at the gas pump on a weekly basis.  For this reason, many of the big name manufacturers stress these features in their advertising efforts, but every once in a while, they throw out a curveball that leaves many potential buyers scratching their heads.  This particular confusion comes as a result of three little words; fun to drive.

If you’re anything like the average person, this phrase can allow the imagination to run wild.  Does the car launch balloons and confetti every time you turn on the ignition?  Does it tell jokes?  What aspect of a car will make it fun to drive?  The idea of spending eight hours in a car doesn’t sound enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination.  So when they’re saying a car is fun to drive, can they promise that the driver will feel the same after spending several hours in the car?

No matter how confusing the marketing strategy may be for some consumers, manufacturers continue to use the phrase.  No resolution comes from asking a driver of one of these brands, either, as they will simply agree, but none will offer a definitive answer.   So the whole “fun to drive” aspect is a continued mystery for most consumers, but with this piece, we will seek to define it.

For many people, the act of sliding into the driver’s seat and turning the car on doesn’t inspire excitement, past the age of sixteen.  However, there are several models that say their cars will bring back the feeling of being a teenager who just got his or her license.

For some drivers, the feeling of fun comes from the purr of the engine, the sounds the car makes as soon as you fire up the ignition.  Some vehicles offer a lovely growl, while some have a quiet power.  Either way, some drivers experience a revival of their youthful spirit every time they turn their vehicle on.  Whether it’s the power of the engine rumbling beneath the driver’s seat or the anticipation of what the car will do, for many people, the rumble sets of the resurgence of their youth.

Another aspect that makes a car fun to drive is its speed and the way the car reacts to their touch.  A great car is not only fast, but it can respond to that speed.  Not only can it accelerate within seconds, but the car will also react to its driver.  It will hug a tight curve when necessary or stop on a dime.  Whatever the driver expects from their vehicle, it does.  The feeling of ultimate responsiveness gives the driver an undoubted feeling of control, and instills a sense of synergy.  All too often, our love for our car goes unrequited, but when you feel a connection, the feeling of fun is achieved.

Probably one of the biggest reasons people consider a vehicle fun to drive is when it exceeds expectations.  When you purchase a four door sedan, no one is expecting it to be super-fast or have stellar suspension or handling.  However, some of these very cars promise a drive that offers up better than normal acceleration, maneuverability, and the ultimate feeling of rebellion.  It makes it feel as though you’re pulling something out of the car, and maybe you didn’t settle for the four door model.

Finding a car that isn’t only functional, but provides a feeling of fun isn’t always an easy task.  All too often, we get locked into vehicles that make us feel our age, or our family status.  The brands that offer a car that is fun to drive not only can make an average ho-hum sedan feel like that classic sports’ car you’ve always wanted, but they’ll take you back to your youth.  It isn’t often that we relish the idea of our commute to work, but with some of the fun-filled models, it’s not hard to get excited.