Trends come and go in the automotive world, but hatchback cars have remained moderately popular over the years.  For many drivers, they are the practical alternative to buying a more expensive crossover vehicle, because they offer more space than a traditional sedan.  We live in a busy world, and that world usually includes quite a bit of stuff.  Whether it’s a grocery haul for a small family, prized antique finds from a Saturday morning, or flats of the best looking annuals and plants for the garden, we need to have room to fit all of it in our cars.

A hatchback is defined as a two or four door vehicle in which the trunk opens fully via an additional door.  The allows for easy access to everything you need to store, haul, or carry with you on your daily journeys.  For a while it looked as though the hatchback market wasn’t going to sustain itself, as crossovers emerged and made the hinged back trunk option more affordable and readily available.  For some drivers, though, a crossover is still more car than they want to commit to, either in terms of money or in terms of bulkiness, so the hatchback stays put on the list of available vehicles.

Most manufacturers have a hatchback option that isn’t an oversized crossover.  More often than not, the option is included in an existing model, giving drivers their favorite cars with a bit more space.  They often come equipped with the same options as the base models, but in some cases they can be upgraded to include top of the line materials like leather interior and navigation.  Some of the hatchback versions of the brand’s favorite cars offer a little extra power under the hood, making them a sportier option with a bit more kick.

Honda’s Civic is a powerhouse in terms of sales.  One of the most popular small cars on the market, the Civic is available in two door, four door, and hatchback models.  The 2016 hatchback version of this incredibly popular car is more than meets the eye.  Drivers may expect the typical performance of their favorite compact, but the hatchback version is also turbo-charged, but mature.  The redesign for this model year has been incredibly popular with Civic fans, and the hatchback has seen a resurgence in sales.  Once a very good seller for Honda, the Civic hatchback is on the rise.

Dubbed one of the best cars on the road by multiple sources, the Mazda 3 hatchback is a sporty and spacious alternative to the traditional version.  The hatchback is available in five different trim levels and can include such upgraded features as premium Bose sound system, leather interior, and 18” alloy wheels.  It not only offers the best in class safety features of the traditional Mazda 3 and the superior handling, but it also has superior styling and the additional space a hatchback has to offer.  Mazda markets this hatchback as a five door car, throwing a different spin on their marketing strategy.

Auto giant Hyundai has a hatchback car in their lineup that is only available as such, and it is packed with power.  Not only is it loaded with awesome features, and available in a Rally edition for those that need a little more sport with their drive.   Hyundai caters to every audience with the Veloster’s four different trim levels from the traditional model to the Turbo edition.  Fun and funky, the Veloster was created to ensure it was going to be different from every other car on the road, and that mission was accomplished.  To many people, it looks like your average two door hatchback, but it includes what Hyundai calls the stealth door, a third door that allows easy access to the backseat.

This decade has been an intense upswing for Ford.  Always a popular manufacturer, Ford’s recent releases have proven more popular with their tech-heavy presence and stylish design, and the latest Focus promises to keep things successful.  The hatchback version looks like the hipster Dad car you need it to be, but offers a little twist for when the kids aren’t in the car.  Sporty, cute, and quick as a hiccup, this Focus offers tech-laden spaciousness while still keeping things affordable and practical.

When you’re not ready to commit to a crossover or an SUV, but a sedan just isn’t what you want, the hatchback is a great option.  With easy access to anything you have to haul, and the space to store it, these cars offer the added room, without decreasing the gas mileage or driving the price upward.  The hatchback is still the way to hold on to your youth, while making a practical and safe decision for your next car.