It is easy to see when looking at the plethora of cars on the road these days that people have developed a type.  Many sedans have started to take on the same characteristics, especially the popular ones, but there is no greater offender than the crossover and SUV community.  A great deal of them look so similar that’s it has become difficult to differentiate between one and the other.  Certainly, it’s not a requirement for driving that your car has to look different from everyone else’s, but we’re always looking for ways to show off our individuality, and our cars can help tell the story.

One manufacturer has managed to keep at least one of their vehicles a little different than the rest of the crossovers on the market, and it’s kept it a little weird.  The Ford Flex, on the market since 2009 has always looked a little bit like someone looked at a bread box and decided it would be a great design for a vehicle.  Now don’t go thinking that this vehicle is goofy beyond belief when it comes to look; it’s just low and squared off in a world of bulbous height.

Clearly, Ford was thinking a little bit harder when they designed this vehicle.  They wanted something different, approachable, and easily transitioned into for the people who were used to driving larger sedans.  The Flex also searched as a good step to take prior to stepping into the minivan world, as it offered several similar features, such as an extended body for more leg room and an added third row for more passengers.  Ford refers to the design of the Flex as being bold and stylish, and their description manages to fully capture the essence of the Flex in those two words.

Sure, the outside of the Ford Flex is pretty distinctive and easily recognizable, but the interior is what really sets it apart from the others in its class.  One of the Flex’s claims to fame is the available multi-panel vista sunroof.  From the front to the back of that car, over each row, Ford gives their drivers the options of four skylights.  The front is a power moon roof, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of the summer sun on your skin as you’re driving, while the middle row enjoys two windows, and the rear seat gets one full sized panel to enjoy a spectacular view of the night sky while traveling.

Of course, when you’re looking for a Crossover there are typically more important questions than whether or not the vehicle has a super awesome roof made almost entirely of windows.   You want to know if it’s comfortable, and functional.  Well, it’s both.  The Flex has the best in class second and third row leg room, ensuring the ultimate in comfort, whether you’ve traveling with your children or with fully grown adults; everyone’s going to love it in the back seat.  It’s also got totally cool features like a power third row, for when you need the added space, a second row console, an amazing amount of cargo space that can hold nearly everything, and ten cupholders!

Not only is the flex comfortable, functional, and pretty powerful as well, but it boasts an admirable 23 miles per gallon on the highway, and all sorts of intelligent safety features.  It offers a backup camera to help when trying to see what’s behind you and the passengers in the back aren’t cooperating.  The Flex is a pretty sizable vehicle, and having the option to see what’s behind you will offer a peace of mind you will need to enjoy your drive.  On top of that it offers available blind spot detection with cross-traffic alerts, available adaptive four-wheel drive, and even optional rain sensing wipers.

Ford has a pretty diverse lineup when it comes to their vehicles.  They have some of the best-selling trucks on the market, a line of smart and fuel-efficient sedans, but in the SUV and Crossover category, they really shine, with several offerings for every possible taste.  The Flex isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it certainly provides an option for the people who want something spacious, but a little bit different than what everyone else is driving.