When we look at our legal system, there are offenses that get a slap on the wrist, if any punishment at all, like jaywalking in a small town.  There are also crimes that can lead to all sorts of depravity and horrific consequences.  For many of us, the law of the land is concrete, and we, more or less, abide by it.  Most of us follow the rules, and try to avoid speeding tickets.  While some people are still texting while they drive, and generally ignoring speed limit signs, the rest of us try to be conscientious drivers.  However, there may be laws we don’t even know we’re breaking due to some of the weirdest driving laws you’ve ever seen.

There are a lot of really strange laws on the books, from back in the day before modern technology made certain things obsolete.  Some of the laws that exist would make any person, including law enforcement, scratch their heads and ask what people were thinking when those laws were made up.  Many of the crazy traffic laws are no longer enforced, but if they are still forbidden, they probably could be if you managed to anger the right police officer, so watch your back and avoid these things.

  1. No Screeching – In a little town called Derby, Kansas that boasts a last recorded population of just over 23,000 people, it is considered highly illegal to screech your tires. While this offense is considered a misdemeanor, it can land the offender thirty days in the slammer, so watch where you’re laying rubber.
  2. No Potty Mouths – In Rockville, Maryland, the streets are all kid-friendly, all the time. It’s not okay to cuss while in your car.  Those suffering from an acute case of road rage may want to consider a different route, as this is considered a misdemeanor and may land you a fine if you’re caught.
  3. Don’t Do Anything in Dunn – North Carolina is popular for its beaches, its scenery, and its ridiculous laws all around, but Dunn, NC certainly takes the cake. Drivers in Dunn are not allowed to play in traffic, drive on the sidewalk, or drive through a cemetery.  Certainly, someone has attempted all of these at some point or another, but still, keep it safe when making your way through this town.
  4. Gas Up – If you’re road-tripping through Ohio, make sure you fill up before you’re close to Youngstown, as it is illegal to run out of gas. How such a thing can be prevented 100% of the time or whether or not this law is enforced, you’d hate the be the person arrested for making a judgement call about your car’s fuel capacity.
  5. Pedestrians Beware – In Oregon, yes, the entire state of Oregon, it’s legal to drive on the sidewalk, as long as you’re willing to stop for pedestrians. While we’ve all embraced the Keep Portland Weird mentality, this is taking it to the next level.
  6. Proceed, Bird – If you’re making your way through Utah, keep an eye on the sky. There are some birds that may have the right of way to cross the street.  This claim has been researched on the internet for its validity, and while there no specific laws, animals are included as traffic in the laws in Utah.
  7. Dunkin Do Not – In the cozy New England town of South Berwick, Maine it is illegal to park in front of Dunkin’ Donuts. The actual law says you can’t park your car on the street within 25 feet of Dunkin Donuts, so let’s hope if you have a donut craving, they’ve got a big lot in the back!
  8. No Spitting Zone – If you’re one of those people who constantly have to be spitting, or even if you want to discard a piece of gum out the window, you better be driving a truck in Marietta, Georgia. While it is legal to spit from a truck window, the same cannot be said for a car or a bus window.
  9. Driver Honking Only – If you’re in University City, Missouri and you’re the passenger in someone’s vehicle, check your road rage at the floor mat. It is illegal to honk someone else’s horn in this fair city.  However, if it your vehicle, honk away.
  10. No Trash Allowed – In the golf loving community of Hilton Head, South Carolina drivers can be fined for having trash in their car, as it apparently perpetuates a particularly vicious rat problem.

While too few state enforce people traveling under the speed limit, and too many states look the other way on the seat belt law, these states are keeping it real with what you can and can’t do.  They may seem ridiculous, but you never know when you’re going to encounter the wrong cop who is having a bad day and may be feeling a little silly.  Check your surroundings, and know exactly where you are before you travel to any of these towns.