When we look at a convertible, it’s not hard to see the draw.  There’s the chance to feel the cool air against your face as you’re driving down the road, the wind in your hair, or the sun on your skin.  You’re able to fully embrace the freedom of a great drive, all while enjoying the salty lick of a sea breeze or the crisp bite of the autumn air against your cheeks.  Tilt the passenger seat back and let your road companion savor the gorgeousness in the night sky as you get away from it all, and just enjoy the peace you’ve made with the road.  There is probably no better freedom on four wheels than in a convertible.

For over twenty-five years, Mazda has been making the ultimate in fun and sporty little convertibles, the MX-5 Miata.  Known to most laymen as just the Miata, this two seater has been thought of as Barbie’s dream car, the powerhouse roadster with a fair price, or even the Sunday drive car you’re only pulling out on the weekends.  No matter what it’s purpose, the Miata doesn’t disappoint drivers that are looking to embrace the full experience of convertible driving without the hefty luxury price tag that often comes attached to the collapsible top.

With the launch of this year’s Miata, Mazda decided to switch things up a little.  Not only have they retired their slogan of Zoom Zoom, which claimed to be more of a philosophy than a simple ad technique, but they’ve adopted a new one; Driving Matters.  To Mazda drivers, the choice isn’t all about the bells and whistles, or the epic design of their car, it’s about the drive.  When you’re looking to put the top back and enjoy the air around you, what could be more important than the drive itself?

The MX-5 Miata was designed with the driver in mind, offering three trim levels and the ultimate option of presenting the transmission in both automatic and manual.  For many discerning drivers, a car isn’t a car unless it’s offered with the ultimate control of a manual transmission and Mazda agrees, so they’re giving Miata drivers the choice.  This six speed transmission has been redesigned, and lightened up, but it still offers the same precision.  For novice drivers who want to enjoy the convertible experience, but can’t quite grasp the stick shift, you’re still allowed the feeling of control with the ultimate in automatic transmission experiences.

Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology offers an incredibly efficient engine that packs a powerful punch.  The engine is designed to get more out of the fuel that feeds it than traditional engines.  They’re lighter, and they consume much less gas per gallon than a normally designed engine would.  The SKYACTIV transmission offers the ultimate connectivity between the driver and the vehicle, giving the driver the incredible feeling of being in complete control, while the body design and platform allow for the maneuverability and incredible handling for which Mazda has become famous.

With a quick glance at the new Miata, you can probably tell she’s a little bit different than the last one.  Last given a complete redesign in 2005, most drivers were asking for something a little different from the next Miata off the Mazda line.  Even though 2008 and 2013 offered a little pick me up, Mazda started fresh with the 2016 design.  They dropped the Miata’s height a little bit, while chopping a little bit off her length as well.  However, the changes made were done so to support to maximum commitment to the driver and the driver’s comfort behind the wheel.  By making these subtle changes, they’ve managed to make the most-raced car in the world, one of the best drives for novices as well.

While most of us can recognize the amazing draw of a convertible car, we’re not always in the right frame of mind and the price tag that comes along with it usually dissuades us from the actual purchase.  However, Mazda takes this above average and desirable sports car and makes it affordable and approachable.  With a starting price well below what others offer, coupled with Mazda’s dedication to handling and efficiency, the Miata is a great starter convertible if you’ve always pictured yourself donning a fabulous head wrap and making your way down the road, or if you’ve just always wanted to race your friends and prove your car’s worth.  Either way, put the top down and go for a drive.