While there are many breathtaking roads around the world, some dangerous and some easy to pass, there are many here in the US that will simply take you on a journey like no other. As a country that loves a summer road trip we have designed and built some of the most glorious roads to drive on which can offer you some driving challenges along with fantastic views. While a road trip is often about going to a specific destination, don’t forget it’s also about the journey and travel on any of these roads can make the journey worthwhile.

Seven Mile Bridge – This expansive bridge connects Knight’s Key in the Middle Keys with Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. This bridge is part of the Florida Key roadway and is a part of US 1 that most of us never get to experience. You can enjoy the views of the Gulf and the Keys while travelling on one of the longest bridges in America.

Route 66 – Any road trip to the west should include this road. There aren’t any roads as iconic in the US as this road as it connects Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL with many fantastic stops along the way. This legendary road is a great way to see America and was built in 1926, covering 2,448 miles. When you have the summer off and want a great way to see America, this is the road to use.

Lombard Street- This street has been a comical part of some movies and is one of the most challenging to drive in the world. Located on a steep hill in San Francisco Lombard Street offers you eight hairpin turns and is not one you will be able to drive down at a fast pace, but you can certainly appreciate the ride and enjoy the fun of constantly turning one way and then the next just to get to the bottom.

Denali Highway – Travelling through Alaska can be one of the most beautiful and scenic experiences of your life and this highway offer a great way to do just that. This road opened in 1957 and gives you access to Denali National Park which is wonderful 135 miles of gorgeous road for you to drive. The road isn’t paved like many in the main states, but its well worth the ride.

Cherohala Skyway – If you wait until the fall to take your road trip this is a highway you should choose. Cutting through the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee and the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina this road shows you 43 miles of gorgeous views that are at their best when the trees are turning in the fall.

Blue Ridge Parkway – This is a road that was built to showcase the landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You will love the relaxed drive and long range views that show off the mountains that run through the country. There’s no doubt you will have a look at a wide variety of plant and animal life along the way to give you a special view that isn’t found anywhere else.

Road to Hana – When you travel to Hawaii you expect scenic views all around you and for the most part this is exactly what you get. This road is a great way to see most of the island of Maui as it cuts through the tropical rainforest and across 59 bridges while offering 620 curves across the 64.4 mile long route that will show you why Hawaii is so special.

Tail of the Dragon – There is a part of US Route 129 that’s known as the Tail of the Dragon. This section of the road is only eleven miles long but it curves 318 times and is a popular road to ride a motorcycle on. This part of the road is located on the North Carolina/Tennessee state line and is one of the most scenic drives you can find anywhere in the country.

Angeles Crest Highway – With 66 miles of highway and only a two lane road this highway twists and turns over the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles, CA. The views are gorgeous and a sunset drive toward the west is one that you will remember for the rest of your life as you crest hills and are greeted with gorgeous views in front of you.