At the beginning of the year we have the Detroit Auto Show and this is the platform most of the world watches to have an idea of what will be offered throughout the year. This year the auto show didn’t have a surprise reveal as it did when the Ford GT was first shown, but it did have one car that was able to show off the sleek style and poised design that makes it a fantastic vehicle for us to admire and enjoy even if it never makes it way to the production line.

The car that stole the show this year was the Buick Avista Concept which came in with the style and look of an awesome sports coupe which could really fill out the lineup from Buick and bring this brand even closer to capturing parts of the market they haven’t had in a long time. This car is so admired it has won two awards this year as its made the car show tour, 2016 Concept Car of the Year and 2016 Most Significant Concept Vehicle of the Year. With these two awards on the table you might think the car would be rushed to production, but it seems there might be trouble for the Avista Concept.

While there isn’t anyone who will officially confirm the story it seems when the Avista first made its appearance at Cobo Hall it was received with grumblings from Team Camaro. What you might not know is the Avista appears to be a car that would share the same demographic with the long lauded Camaro SS and has much of the same stylings as the Camaro but with higher end trimmings on the interior and exterior to make it the car more of the market would clamor for at the dealerships.

Another event that certainly gave Team Camaro reason to pause and to complain a bit was the reception each car received at the Detroit Auto Show. While the new sixth-generation Camaro received what could only be described as a lukewarm response the Avista was received with cheers and a ton of interest and attention. To be fair this should have been expected and Team Camaro needs to realize the differences between these two cars along with their similarities could actually strengthen the sales position for GM in regards to active sports cars on this level.

Yes, it seems competing against itself with the Avista and Camaro SS would be a bad idea at first for GM there is a call for both. While there are rumors the Avista will never make its way to production the fact is there is plenty of market for these cars. Buick has been developing its design and stance for the past several years to attract a much younger demographic than it previously attracted. Because of this change we’ve seen some exceptional vehicles from Buick and adding a sports coupe to the mix would allow Buick to have a lead on other brands such as the newly formed Genesis from Hyundai and be able to step up and compete more completely with Lexus and Acura.

If GM were to make both of these cars they could capture a different part of the market. The Camaro SS is built and marketed to those who want to race on the track and have a great sports car to ride around in on a daily basis with the Camaro name. Adding a Buick Avista to the lineup would attract shoppers who are willing to spend a little more to have an engaging cruiser that can carve up some open curves while offering some of the most impressive driving dynamics possible.

The Buick Avista Concept won two awards this year, and they are the ones that any concept car would love to have given to it. This should be reason enough for Buick to move forward and begin to create the Avista in production; someone just needs to get Team Camaro on board so they understand the target market for the Avista is a bit different than the Camaro SS. I certainly hope GM does begin to produce the Avista for us to enjoy the drive in the future.