Even though we want to imagine ourselves driving that high priced sports car or tearing up the track in a racing machine, most of us never will get that chance. To be a little more realistic you should look for a car that will allow you to enjoy the road and have fun on your drives without making you broke at the same time. Here are several cars you can find for under $10,000 that are built for you to have some fun while driving.

Subaru Impreza WRX – This car is a rally car for the road and uses a strong and balanced turbocharged engine that seeks out the long and winding roads on the way home. This car is fun to drive and you can easily find one on the used market under our price threshold in order to have the right car for your driving excitement.

Chevrolet Corvette – While you won’t find classic models for cheap or newer ones you will be able to find plenty of C3, C4 and C5 models that can come in under our top dollar. Imagine being able to cruise around in a Corvette that looks great and feels awesome all while only paying a small fee to purchase one from yesteryear.

Infiniti G35 Coupe – This is a coupe that was built on a platform of a sports car. Not many actually known this fact and the use of the 350Z platform to build the G356 makes for one of the most active and balanced cars on the market. Not to mention the fact you can enjoy 280 horsepower from the V6 engine and a price that makes this feel like a steal.

Volkswagen GTI – This is the original hot hatch and has made it way to the glory of being an active and perfectly performing hatchback that most of us want to drive. With a turbocharged engine and precise handling there is more here than meets the eye, but you can still find several of these beauties on the market for a great price to allow you to have all the fun you want on the road.

Jeep Wrangler – Even though the Wrangler isn’t a car it’s still a lot of fun to drive and is great for heading off road. Fun isn’t always about speed and in the case of the Wrangler the ability to crawl over rocks and reach some far off destinations make it a perfect choice for you to drive. With 75 years of the Wrangler you can find one that you can easily afford too.

Porsche 944 – How did this car end upon the list, probably the same way the Corvette did. This car is one that is more practical than most Porsche models and offers you a different setup than you’re used to, but it gives you a Porsche to drive and a lot of fun on the road for less than the $10,000 mark we set for this article.

Mini Cooper S – The British style of the Mini Cooper is fun in its own right and the S model offers a bit more power and tuning to make for a fun to drive vehicle that looks cool on any road. Admiring the old world style of this car and the fact it offers you a supercharged motor for a mere pittance you certainly can’t pass this car up when looking for one.

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG – Another odd choice on this list you would never think an AMG model would come so cheap. With excellent horsepower in the 350 range and perfect handling this is a car that keeps on giving even long after many of us have forgetting about it. Let the luxury sport be the choice for you and make the E55 the right car for your fun.

Mazda MX-5 Miata – This couldn’t be a list about fun to drive vehicles without the Miata on it. As a great little roadster that has the perfect balance and is the driving equal of a roller coaster the Miata is what you find when you look up fun in the dictionary. With over 25 years on the market the Miata is an easy car to find at the right price.