The recent trend in gas prices shows them going down, but how long is it until they skyrocket back up again?  Over the past ten years, the gas prices have made us hopeful and then dashed those hopes in the same week.  So we all started pursuing the best way to save money on gas.  We started eating at home, waiting for DVD on the hottest theatrical releases, and increasing our online shopping habits in favor of going to the mall.  We also hopped onto the hybrid train with a quickness, but we paid for it.

It’s not a secret that most hybrid vehicles are a great deal more expensive than their gas counterparts, and many of them don’t have the acceleration potential that we look for in a vehicle.  In recent years, we’ve become less diligent about our pursuit of efficient vehicles, as we’ve seen sedans lose popularity in favor of the bigger, and less fuel efficient crossovers and SUVs.  We’ve also loosened the reins a bit on how we’re willing to use our vehicle’s gas supply; we’ve started traveling again and enjoying nights on the town.  However, some of us are still trying to keep things as efficient as possible.

If you’re one of those people, here are five of the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid vehicles on the market:

  1. Ford Fiesta – The sporty and cute little hatchback certainly earns some street cred with its specs. The little car, available in a variety of fun colors, can get up to 43 miles per gallon on the highway with the selected EcoBoost package.  Not only is the Fiesta super-efficient, but she’s also known for her handling.  Although fairly diminutive on the interior, the Fiesta is a perfect choice for the single millennial who is looking to spend under $15K for a car.
  2. Honda Civic – Honda didn’t become popular by making terrible cars, so it’s no wonder that they keep getting better. This year’s version of the Civic is being lauded as one of the most efficient on the market, and has been given an A+ from many different sources.  Each one of the models available boast a pretty impressive 42 miles per gallon on the highway, and a combined rating of 35.  Not only are they fuel efficient, but they’re also pretty spacious, moderately priced, and backed by Honda’s incredible reputation for reliability.
  3. Mazda 3 – Mazda’s philosophy surrounding their cars is that they’re fun to drive. The Mazda 3 certainly corners the market on that principle.  Add into the mix that they’re crazy efficient, at 41 mpg, thanks to the SKYACTIV technology, but they’re also priced under $20K.  They’re roomy, the sound system is awesome, and their acceleration is pretty impressive.  The Mazda 3 will take a corner like it’s on a track, and the car itself has won several impressive awards, including being named one of the best on the market.  Many Mazda drivers can attest to their incredible fuel consumption, and their comfort.
  4. Chevrolet Sonic – Available as both a hatchback and a sedan, this little vehicle offered by Chevy is ultra-efficient, and cute to boot. It’s smaller in size than most of the others on the list, but offers the same gas mileage, forty miles per gallon on the highway, with a combined average of 33 mpg.  These subcompacts are also available in both automatic and manual transmissions, and with a starting price of just over $15,000, they’re ultra-affordable as well.  While it isn’t the ideal car for families on the go, it’d be perfect for a teenager, or college student.
  5. Chrysler 200 – Probably the largest on the list, the 200’s gas mileage on the highway isn’t climbing over 40, but it’s hovering pretty closeby. At 36 miles per gallon highway, and 28 combined, the mileage is pretty impressive when you consider the roominess of the car.  With its four-cylinder engine and a NINE (!) speed automatic transmission, the 200 will get you where you need to go, and it will get you there quickly and with as few stops at the gas pumps as possible.

Whether you’re concerned about saving money on gas because of your budget, or you just want to stop as seldom as possible on your road trip, a car’s efficiency is important to a lot of people.  The less money we spend at the pump, the happier we are, so slip into one of these vehicles today!