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Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica, What’s Not to Love?

Chrysler is redefining the way the world thinks about the minivan with their all-new 2017 Pacifica and the way they’ve gone about it is hysterical.

Recently deemed U.S. News & World Report’s Best Minivan for the Money, the 2017 Pacifica is the freshest thing on the market and it’s taking the automotive industry by storm. Working even harder to make the most of your dollar is the release of their fuel-efficient Pacifica Hybrid, which boasts up to 84 MPGe and a 566-mile total driving range.   Wall Street Journal is absolutely “smitten” with it, while kids and parents alike just can’t get enough.

A replacement for the Town & Country, Chrysler not only delivered on style, comfort, and convenience in this updated minivan but also wowed consumers with their fun and funky marketing schemes. From expanding on the “Dad Brand” with comedian Jim Gaffigan, to the unveiling of hidden-camera PacifiKids dealership stunt, advertisement for this exceptional vehicle has soared to fun-filled new heights.

With PacifiKids, children took over the sales floor in order to sell parents and families on this minivan, “in a way (that) only kids can.” The stunt took over a California dealership for two and a half days, catching amused shoppers completely off guard with their pint-sized sales team. This “New Kind of Dealership” features fun for the whole family including bean bag chairs, a ball pit slide, costumes boxes and more. The best part about the video though, is how much fun parents and kids alike fell for each innovative feature the Pacifica had to offer and how these tiny Chrysler experts handled each tour. From heated front seats to a built in vacuum, there was something for the whole family to enjoy, and there was excitement lurking around every corner of this kid-run showroom. Just check out what happens when the team would land a sale!

Meanwhile, Gaffigan headed up the other leg of their digital campaign as he explained life-lessons as best a Dad can when your Pacifica does all the leg work for you. These adorable and hysterical marketing methods have found a way to show that the minivan no longer belongs just to Mom and has encompassed all that it has to offer families of all shapes and sizes.   Way to go Chrysler!