Dodge Challenger Detroit MI

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Devilishly Fast American Muscle

The new Dodge Demon isn’t just turning heads, it has them spinning. As the fastest production car ever made, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has broken a handful of records and it has quite a few members of the automotive industry in an uproar.  Let’s break it down.

This new track star offers the highest horsepower of any production car, delivering a whopping 840hp with 770lb-ft of torque, powered by the Supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT Demon V8 engine and it’s capable of reaching 0-60mph in just 2.3 seconds. With the help of a new Air-Grabber hood scoop and Torque Reserve Launch System, this deviant muscle car boasts having the highest G-Force, World’s Fastest 1/4 mile, and first wheelie ever accomplished by a production car.

That all sounds amazing! So what’s the problem? Well according to Automotive News, “It’s so inherently dangerous to the common safety of motorists that it’s registration as a road-worthy automobile should be banned.” Though unskilled motorists might not be suitable to leap into the driver’s seat of this monstrously powerful vehicle, this type of lashing out from auto enthusiasts seems a little un-American. Whatever happened to automotive freedom anyway?

This super-powered muscle car has already been banned from regulated drag strips by The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) when performing in it’s natural stock form, which comes only equipped with one seat. Unless you have a competition license and a roll-form cage for extra safety on the stock version of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, or you upgrade your muscly ride to have two seats and additional features that will weigh down the beast and it’s performance, the NHRA is going to put a gag on this souped up Dodge and anyone wild enough to get behind it’s wheel.

To say that the vehicle should be out right banned from the driving community at large is a bit extreme, especially since no one seems to be complaining about the Bugatti Chiron, the production super sports car that falls in line with the competitive performance of Dodge Demon. It seems as if Automotive News thinks that if you wanna play you gotta pay, $1.4 million dollars to be exact. Only then are you entitled to cut loose in a drag race with an engine that powerful. Sounds a little bogus, don’t you think?

Though there are cries of disgust at the powerful capabilities that this new ride can deliver, they fall on deaf ears. Dodge relishes in the fact that they’ve been banned by the NHRA, and sports it as a badge of honor on their Challenger SRT Demon webpage. Unfortunately for naysayers, there are no true calls to action to actually enforce the suggested ban on this vehicle. Instead, Dodge is excited to produce a limited run of 3,300 of these bad boys which will be released to the masses for the 2018 model year.