Dodge Challenger Royal Oak MI

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is No Longer Just a Concept

What a time to be alive! The team at Dodge has officially started production on the heavily anticipated Challenger SRT Demon.

With a Name Like That, You Know It’s Going to Impress

You don’t name a vehicle the “Demon” unless you’re ready to blow the minds of your fans. Dodge fanatics and muscle car zealots alike have been patiently awaiting the news that production has begun on this new SRT. This version of the Dodge Challenger is insanely powerful, crazy-fast, and has a badass aesthetic that isn’t matched by any other cars currently on the market.

Just HOW Powerful Is It?

For buyers that ordered the Demon without upgrading to the Demon Crate Package, the 6.2L supercharged V8 engine has up to 808 horsepower. That’s double what you’ll see in a standard Challenger that’s equipped with the 5.7L HEMI® V8 Engine. Step things up with the Demon Crate Package, and that number shoots up to 840 horsepower with 100+ octane race fuel. This street-legal monster was built to hold its own, on and off the track.

Hell on Wheels

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon goes from zero to 60 mph in under three seconds, destroys a quarter-mile in less than ten seconds, and only 3000 will be produced. Buyers who ordered the vehicle after its April 2017 announcement are currently awaiting production to be completed, and we’ll begin to see these vehicles hit the road in early Fall. It’s loaded with crazy performance features and designed for the drag-strip. This is the vehicle that everyone has their eyes on going into 2018.