Dodge Charger Detroit MI

Dodge Charger Detroit MI

A Lesson in Charger Aerodynamics

When Dodge needed an advantage on the NASCAR racetrack for their ’69 Charger, the engineers turned to aerodynamics to secure their win. Find out how the original ’69 Charger stacks up against the Charger Daytona and the latest model available today too.

Car lovers everywhere are familiar with the iconic look of the ’69 Charger and its power on the racetrack, but what about its brother, Charger Daytona? With the need to find an advantage on the NASCAR racetrack, Dodge spruced things up a bit that not only changed the exterior profile of the race car but its performance as well. This classic car helped Dodge win its first-ever NASCAR event, so what exactly was the game-changer? Well, engineers added a goofy-looking, yet extremely more aerodynamic 18-inch nose cone to the front of it, and added a loud, two-foot-tall spoiler. A sight to behold, Charger Daytona took to the track and made Dodge history.

Scientists have now brought both the original ’69 Charger and Charger Daytona to a wind tunnel to prove the difference and even stacked them up against a 2015 Charger just for giggles. The proof is in the tunnel (not the pudding), demonstrating the weaknesses of the ’69 Charger’s profile, and showing off how well the exterior improvements of Charger Daytona created an aerodynamic advantage for Dodge on the race track.

Check out the full video below to see how each model stacks against each other and see how Dodge made history with their Charger Daytona.