Dodge Durango Detroit MI

Dodge Durango, the family-friendly mid-sized SUV for drivers in Detroit MI.

A Daring SUV with Family Values

Kick the minivan to the curb, the family-friendly Dodge Durango is all you need for your growing family pains.

The minivan has typically been the vehicle of choice for larger families, but the mid-sized, family-friendly Dodge Durango SUV is working on cornering the market with precision handling. This three-row SUV has spacious seating for seven that rivals others in its class. The optional third-row offers great leg room for adults and awkwardly lanky teenagers, something that is hard to come by in the mid-sized SUV segment. It also comes equipped with five easy to use LATCH sites located within for the convenience of growing families. The comfort can be kicked up a notch too with the optional second-row captain’s chairs for the passengers smart enough to call dibs.

Besides being an extremely comfortable route to transport the Brady Bunch, it’s also a stylish one as well. It’s daring design and rugged good looks offer more than the average people-hauler and may hold true to the character of driver’s who are still young at heart and not ready to give into the soccer mom minivan vibe. There’s even an option for the Brass Monkey Appearance Package, which not only appeals to Beastie Boys and their favorite drink, but to parents who would consider the 80’s their glory days. With this funky monkey appearance package, you can make a statement every time you drop off the kids at school with bold 20-inch bronze burnished aluminum wheels and a monochrome paint job.

Not only does Dodge Durango have one of the highest cargo capacities in it’s class, 84.5 cu-ft with seats folded down to be exact, it also offers serious power under your foot. Choose between the standard V6 engine and the optional 5.7L HEMI V8, which delivers a massive towing capacity of 7,400-lbs for a best-in-class experience. Competitively priced amongst other mid-sized SUVs, it also prices well against minivans too but offers a smoother ride. This top-performing SUV not only delivers a comfortable ride on rough surfaces, it also corners well at higher speeds with minimal body lean. You can feel more at ease and in control behind the wheel of Durango when you’re taking long trips down the highway.

If you’re interested in kicking your street cred up a notch while still maintaining family values, the daring Dodge Durango is the way to go. Take back your youth with this spacious and accommodating SUV and make driving fun again for the whole family.