Dodge Journey Detroit MI

Dodge Journey

Good News for Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey made a killing in sales for February 2017, more than doubling their sales from the year before.

Sales Are Up!

It’s been a great month for Dodge with three of their brand vehicles posting year-over-year sales increases in February. However, the spotlight is shining down bright on Dodge Journey sales, which are taking the lead with an impressive 55 percent increase.

An All-American Ride

As an American-made, mid-size crossover SUV, the competition is thick with both 5- and 7-passenger rivals from all over the world that combat in the realm of spaciousness, capability, and affordability. With the ability to seat up to 7 and a max 67cu-ft of cargo space, it’s at the top of the line in spaciousness. Even when it falls behind others like the Santa Fe, it makes up the difference with the ergonomic storage solutions laid throughout. That, blended with the versatile Flip ‘n Fold seats and there isn’t much that Dodge Journey can’t provide an active family on the go in a quick and easy manner.

How Will the Future Unfold?

It will be interesting to see if Journey is able to keep up the momentous growth or if the competition will take back the spotlight. As an affordable option for a three-row SUV, the value of what Dodge Journey has to offer families across America is obvious, but only time will tell if sales will continue to climb. With a variety of new and stylish packages to wrap up the new Journey in, like the Blacktop Package or Chrome Appearance Group, it may be able to appeal to more shoppers and at some point dominate crossover SUV sales altogether.