Ford Edge Detroit MI

Ford Edge Detroit MI

Is the Ford Edge the perfect crossover SUV for the Detroit Uber driver?

In the past 3 years, it’s become common to see people use Uber as a second income. Within the last year, many people have used it to supplement their income or to have a little extra spending money. So what is the best vehicle to Uber in?

We think the Ford Edge is a strong contender for the Best Uber Vehicle. Being that we are in the heart of Ford country it only makes sense that the crown should be held by it. So why the Edge? Let us start with safety.

Top of the line safety features

Ford didn’t cut corners when it came to protecting its passengers in the Edge. The 2017 Ford Edge comes with a unique 180-degree front camera. This camera monitors traffic and speed to help alert you of approaching objects. This is an incredible feature for any Detroit Uber driver who navigates the city streets trying to find their next pick up and drop off. In several trim lines, you also have the option of adding lane keep assist, forward collision warning, rear cross traffic alert, and blind spot monitoring.

Room to move around

The next reason why we think the Ford Edge is a great Uber car for Detroiters is the interior space without the BIG SUV feel. The Ford Edge fits 5 adults comfortably while allowing for back cargo space. As an Uber driver, you are taking all over for multiple reasons and one of many is to the airport and back. The interior also has a luxury quality with an optional Vista Roof that spans from the front to the back making every seat in the house a great one. The Edge also comes standard with Sync system allowing you to connect your smartphone and navigate without using your phone’s data.

Gas and Drive During the winter it can get pretty rough on the road with snow and ice, so having an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle can keep you safe and in business when others are locked inside. The Edge can come with Intelligent AWD and as a 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with SelectShift® Capability if that’s your cup of tea. Having these additions to the Edge sets it over the top as the Best Uber Car for Detroit.