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Refreshed and Revamped: The 2018 Explorer

As the demand for stylish and tech-savvy SUVs grows to an all time high, Ford spruces things up a bit with the newly refreshed 2018 Explorer.

Keeping it competitive, Ford took it upon themselves to revamp the Explorer only two years after it’s updated release. We don’t know which we’re more excited about. The fresh face or all of the cool new tricks Explorer has in the bag.

The athletic profile of the 2018 Explorer will get a new grille and redesigned fog lamps. While the wheel design options get broader with five new styles to pick from. Bold new color options will add to this refreshed appearance too, including your choice of Cinnamon Glaze, Blue Metallic, Burgundy Velvet Tinted Clearcoat, and a Platinum Dune Tri-coat.

Ford fanatics can look forward to optional packages with advanced driver-assist systems like lane-keeping and automatic high-beam headlight features. Meanwhile, family road trips will be quieter than ever with the addition of a powerful 4G modem. This WiFi hotspot producing will effortlessly keep all of your passengers calm and connected on up to 10 different devices so you can focus on the drive ahead and not the kids fighting in the back.

As many contenders struggle to find a feature that sets them apart, the addition of the WiFi hotspot option will certainly add a more competitive edge to Ford Explorer. However, it may still struggle against the leading Toyota Highlander competitor, whose innovative suite of driver-assisted safety features come standard on the mid-sized SUV. Only time will tell how well this revamped Explorer will perform, but we certainly look forward to jumping behind the wheel and testing out all of these new features for ourselves. How about you?