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Ford Explorer

Ford’s Legacy SUV: The Explorer

The Ford Explorer has been on the manufacturing line since 1990, making the mid-size SUV nearly 27 this year. It’s evolved year after year but has remained a consumer favorite due to its budget-friendliness and functionality.

It All Started in 1990

At the end of the 1980’s, Ford stopped manufacturing the Bronco II and replaced it with the brand-new Ford Explorer. This mid-size SUV was based on the Ranger pickup truck and shared some similar features. In its first iteration, the Explorer was available in two-door or four-door options, as well as with a manual or automatic transmission. Up until 2010, it was manufactured with the body-on-frame method. The more recent editions are built on a crossover SUV platform, which is a more modern method of manufacturing. In its first year, 140,509 Explorer vehicles were sold. Thanks to an increasing market for SUVs, that doubled to 282,837 by the second year in production.

The SUV for Everyone

The Ford Explorer has always been a great SUV for families and individuals. Its mid-size frame is spacious, but not too big, making it a good fit for anyone looking for day-to-day functionality. In 2002, an optional 3rd seat was added, creating an alternative option for drivers considering a minivan due to seating. It looks good, drives well, and comes with the reliability that Ford vehicles are known for. These features have made it the best-selling SUV for almost three decades.

The 2018 Ford Explorer

After nearly 27th years in production, the team at Ford has figured out what works and what doesn’t in the Explorer. The 2018 version takes all of the best features of earlier models and adds the great technology that drivers expect to see in a new vehicle. For consumers that are looking for a luxury SUV, the Explorer Platinum trim has been added, raising the standards for SUVs everywhere.