Ford F-150 Detroit MI

Ford F-150 Detroit MI

Ford to Introduce First Hybrid Pickup

As the automotive world continues to move towards greener technologies, Ford is happy to jump on the bandwagon but not just for some of their sedans, but now even one of their trucks.

Starting in 2020 Ford will release the first-ever F-150 hybrid into it’s fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles. That’s right, their flagship pickup will soon be the apple of every eco-conscious trucker’s eye in the coming years.

Beyond the promise of power and capability, there hasn’t been any release of exact specs, but interested parties can rest assured that Ford is truly doing their homework on the subject. With a $4.5 billion investment to float the bill, you can be certain that they¬†will develop a hybrid Ford F-150 pickup that will meet your every need on the job site with powerful towing and an exceptional payload capacity. That whopping investment is also dedicated to 12 other new hybrids and EVs including the Mustang and an industry’s first “pursuit-rated” hybrid police car.

With younger generations like Millennials looking for more eco-friendly options, Ford is really working hard to bank on this growing opportunity. Tesla also plans to reveal a hybrid pickup in 2019 as well, but it won’t have that same All-American feel that comes standard in a Ford. So what do you say, would you drive a Ford F-150 hybrid or nah?