Ram 1500 Royal Oak MI

Ram 1500 Royal Oak MI

The All-New Ram 1500 Tungsten trim Brings a New Level of Luxury to the Pickup Scene

Ram is taking things up a notch with the latest edition to the Ram 1500 Trim options. Read on to learn more about what sets the Limited Tungsten Edition apart from the rest of the Ram line-up.

Eye-Catching Exterior That Delights

If you’ve had your eyes on the Ram 1500, but have been itching for something a bit more refined, the new Tungsten trim is a step up from the current trim offerings. It has a tungsten grille and athletic sport hood, which makes a great first impression from the front of the vehicle. The body-paint matching bumpers, door handles, and mirrors create a sleek aesthetic from all angles of the vehicle and create a superior look to the Ram 1500.

Feel Like Royalty During Every Drive

Once inside the Ram 1500 Tungsten, the luxury is taken to a whole new level with premium leather that looks and feels exceptional. The time spent crafting the details is obvious to anyone who steps inside the vehicle. This craftsmanship is demonstrated through wood interior trim pieces, a suede headliner, and stunning indigo carpet floors. It is a unique feeling to be in a pickup truck, once thought of as being solely for work purposes, and to feel this level of luxury.

Your Truck Should Live Up to Your Style Standards

The 2018 Ram 1500 Limited Tungsten Edition was made for the style-seekers and the trendsetters. It demonstrates a new level of luxury for the Ram family, one that is both eye-catching and exciting. Ram is expanding into a new territory with this release and will surely be followed by other companies.